Loudoun County's top sports medicine specialists

For sports-related injuries in Northern Virginia, choose the sports medicine team that cares for athletes and weekend warriors of all ages. The orthopedic and sports medicine doctors at StoneSprings Hospital evaluate and treat exercise and athletic injuries involving the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. We create a personalized plan to help you return to your active lifestyle with nonsurgical, surgical and rehabilitative options.

To learn more about our sports medicine program at StoneSprings Hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (855) 226-7344.

Comprehensive sports injury care

Our multidisciplinary team of sports medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, sports physical therapists (or physiotherapists) and other medical professionals are specially trained in sports injuries. We help you manage pain and prevent further damage or re-injury. If you need surgery, we take a minimally invasive approach whenever possible, which means smaller incisions, faster healing and less pain.

Patients in Dulles choose to receive care at StoneSprings Hospital because of our:

  • Combined expertise of teams working for you. You benefit from shared clinical expertise of board-certified sports medicine physicians, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and licensed therapists working with you.
  • Comprehensive care you deserve, all in one place. From advanced diagnostics, to inpatient therapy and rehabilitation, to surgery and pain management programs, you get everything you need in one place, from one team.
  • Compassionate care throughout the journey. We're here every step of the way with case management and care coordination customized to your needs.
  • Care in a full-service hospital. If you need surgery, it's at a hospital with all the services and amenities you need for a comfortable recovery.