Pulmonary care in Loudoun County, Virginia

At StoneSprings Hospital, we do everything in our power to maintain the health of your lungs. Many factors and diseases can affect a patient’s lung health, like smoking, asthma, pollution and more. We offer the residents of Loudoun County a range of pulmonary tests, treatments and procedures to help you breathe easier.

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Pulmonary function tests

Pulmonary function tests are a way for our pulmonary care team to determine how well your lungs are working, including how much air you can blow out, how much air your lungs can hold and how hard you can blow air out.

Seeing the lungs at work provides important information for our doctors to accurately diagnose the symptoms you are experiencing, such as coughing, wheezing or trouble breathing. Pulmonary function tests are crucial to determining the most effective treatment option for each patient.

Pulmonary stress tests help determine if lung cancer patients have the capacity to undergo surgery.


Bronchoscopy is one of the methods we use at StoneSprings Hospital to diagnose and treat conditions of the lungs and trachea, including bleeding, difficulty breathing, chest pain or obstructions in the airway.

A bronchoscopy is a visual examination of the air passages leading into the lungs. Bronchoscopies are performed using a long, thin tube with a camera on the tip, called a bronchoscope.