Midwives in Dulles, Virginia

Pregnancy is a special time at StoneSprings Hospital. If you decide using a midwife is the right decision for you, we employ certified nurse midwives who are able to assist you through your pregnancy, from providing prenatal care to labor and delivery support.

Learn more about the midwifery services offered at StoneSprings Hospital. Call our Consult-A-Nurse® line at (855) 226-7344.

Deciding on your maternity care plan

Choosing the best healthcare provider to assist you through pregnancy and delivery is one of the most important decisions you will make before your child enters the world. Below are a few questions to consider when deciding between midwifery and traditional childbirth care.

  • Is vaginal birth a priority for you?
  • Do you want maximum time with your provider during labor?
  • Are you interested in natural or medical pain management during labor?
  • Are long prenatal appointments important to you?
  • Is your pregnancy not considered high risk?

If you answered yes to these questions, midwifery may be the best option for you. Midwives often spend more time with their patients during prenatal appointments. They provide extensive counseling on nutrition, parenting techniques, breastfeeding and other areas that may be of concern.

Certified nurse midwives

Our certified nurse midwives are able to provide general women’s care throughout a patient’s lifetime. Midwifery services may include general health check-ups, physical exams, well-woman gynecologic care, pregnancy care, labor and delivery support and postpartum care.

Our maternity midwifery program includes:

  • Hydrotherapy with labor tubs
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Aromatherapy
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact for mother and baby
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Family-centered model of care with postpartum rooming-in
  • On-site lactation support

Our certified nurse midwives are able to prescribe a full spectrum of substances, medications and treatments, including pain control medications.

Midwifery frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a midwife and an obstetrician?

There are many differences between a midwife and an OB/GYN, although both providers focus solely on the health of you and your baby. Midwives and obstetricians are equally capable of providing a quality experience and outcome for you.

OB/GYNs generally have a four-year medical degree that they have completed following an undergraduate program. They have performed a four-year residency program and many elect to partake in a specialized fellowship program. Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) are highly trained and have received a registered nursing (RN) degree, in addition to a master’s in midwifery. Most midwives also have a bachelor’s degree.

Who can use certified nurse midwives?

Our certified nurse midwives typically care for expectant mothers who are experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. CNMs work with your other healthcare providers to discuss your risk factors that may exclude you from receiving midwifery care.

What if I need to be induced or decide I want pain medication?

CNMs are able to provide induction services or augmentation of labor if necessary. The midwives at StoneSprings Hospital know that each labor and woman are unique. Our midwives will continue to support you if you choose to receive pain medication.

What happens if I have a complication during my birth?

If you experience an unexpected complication, your certified nurse midwife, prenatal care provider and our team at StoneSprings Hospital will work to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. Our midwives remain with their patients even if the need for medical intervention arises.

Are there any times when a midwife is not available?

No. StoneSprings Hospital’s midwifery care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.