Choosing weight loss surgery in Northern Virginia is a lifelong commitment to attaining better health and a decision to be made with care. StoneSprings Hospital Center offers education, support and experience to help you make that decision. When choosing which surgery option is right for you, our bariatric surgeons consider and discuss your individual needs and medical history. They conduct a thorough medical evaluation and help you create a nutrition and exercise follow-up plan to increase chances of success.

At StoneSprings Hospital, nearly all surgical weight loss procedures are performed using minimally invasive or laparoscopic techniques. This means major operations, such as gastric bypass surgery, can be performed through tiny incisions with specialized miniature surgical instruments. The result: reduced postsurgical pain, shortened hospital stays, shorter overall recovery time and lowered risk of complications and infection.

These procedures have been shown in long-term medical studies to help patients safely, effectively and permanently lose over 50 percent of their excess weight, improving health, mobility and quality of life. The weight loss surgical procedures performed at StoneSprings Hospital are:

*The information provided on each procedure are guidelines. Variances in treatment are possible according to each surgeon's preference.

At StoneSprings Hospital Center, our surgical weight loss team specializes in bariatric surgery, bringing extensive experience and training to each procedure. Our operating room staff is specially trained in gastric bypass surgery, and we provide regular training for all employees who care for bariatric patients.

Our Northern Virginia team includes surgeons, registered dietitians and fitness experts who work together to help you understand your surgical weight loss options, guide you through the surgery process and prepare you for life after the surgery. We help you build a nutrition and exercise plan and guide you in your weight loss journey toward overall better health and longevity.

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