Six medical situations when you should bring your child to the ER

A sick or injured child can be a scary thing – especially for new parents. Here's a quick guide:
When these six signs and symptoms strike, it may be time to make a trip to the hospital.

Fever (in infants)

Rectal temp higher than 100.4 degrees faranheit in infants under 3 months.

  • Showing signs of dehydration
  • Fever induced seizures
  • Acting significantly different

Stiff neck

With other symptoms, it could be an early sign of meningitis or Lyme disease. Watch for:

  • Numbness in the back or arms
  • Fever over 100 degrees
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Vomiting or drowsiness

Skin problems - Bleeding cuts or widespread rash

If your child has a cut or laceration and you cannot control the bleeding, go to the ER if:

  • Your child is still bleeding after ten minutes of applying direct pressure
  • Your child is spurting blood
  • Your child's cut is deep or gaping with edges that cannot be pulled together
  • Your child's cut is on the face, lip or a soft body part like the eye, back of the throat or genitalia

If a rash or skin irritation won't clear up after a few days, head to the ER if you notice:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Fever, swelling or blistering
  • Headache or joint pain
  • Adnormal bleeding

Tummy Troubles

Make the trip to the ER if your little one is:

  • Drowsy, weak or faint
  • Has a hard or swollen belly
  • Has a tender abdomen or unable to walk
  • Unable to pass stool, especially if they are vomiting

Trouble Breathing

Seek immediate care if your child:

  • Has choked on an object
  • Is using their belly to breathe

Bumps, Bruises & Broken Bones

Bump on the head? Watch for these signs:

  • Dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness
  • Inability to speak/slurred speech
  • Inability to balanc when sitting or standing
  • Changes in personality or behavior

It might be a broken bone if you see:

  • Loss of movement in limb
  • Bone pushing through skin
  • Area around bone is cold or pale

Learn more about emergency care and get maps to the ER at StoneSprings Hospital.