What is a hospitalist?

Just as a cardiologist is a physician who specializes in treating heart patients, a hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital.

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Our hospitalists are physicians with special training in family, internal, pulmonary and critical care medicine, providing the highest level of inpatient care and choose to make the hospital their “office” instead of having their own practice. While primary care physicians traditionally have had to balance their time between seeing patients in the office and in the hospital, often visiting their inpatients before or after office hours, our hospitalists at StoneSprings Hospital Center are dedicated to overseeing patient care in the hospital, working in close communication with primary care physicians.

StoneSprings Hospital Center offers hospitalist services for adult patients. If your primary care physician chooses to use hospitalist care, our team of hospitalists will manage and direct your treatment while you're hospitalized, providing you with round-the-clock continuity of care from admission through discharge. Our goal is to provide quality care and customer service to our patients, families and referring physicians.

Our hospitalists are your advocates - ensuring you receive timely, effective care from all the specialists who may need to consult on your care.

How do you benefit from working with a hospitalist?

  • They have more experience in caring for and managing complicated hospitalized patients on a daily basis
  • Hospitalists serve as the primary point of contact for patients and family members
  • If needed, they will see patients more than once a day to ensure that care is going according to plan, explain test results and provide updates to patients and family members
  • Hospitalists coordinate the communication between various physicians caring for a patient and act as the liaison for other doctors and nurses for questions, updates and laying out a comprehensive plan of care
  • Because they work in the hospital, they are able to easily track test results and promptly order any needed follow-up procedures

How does a hospitalist partner with your primary care physician?

Your primary care physician still plays an important role in caring for you while you're hospitalized and will receive regular updates from the hospitalist regarding your plan of care and progress.

Even if you're admitted to the hospital through the emergency room, a hospitalist will notify your physician and discuss your condition and status. And if you need specialized care while you're hospitalized, our hospitalist team will coordinate your care with the appropriate specialists. When you're discharged, the team will transition your medical care back to your physician, providing detailed reports from your visit, lab results, images and follow-up care recommendations to ensure you have the best outcome possible.