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Worried Sick? We can help!

No one likes feeling under the weather, and abdominal pain is especially worrisome. StoneSprings Hospital Center is a 24–hour emergency facility offering the highest quality care when you need it most. When it comes to emergencies, minutes are critical for ill or injured patients. We have state-of-the-art technology and equipment, 15 exam rooms, short wait times, and our ER provides responsive emergency care close to your home.

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If you're unwell and unsure of what to do, seek help!

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  • If your abdominal pain is so severe, you cannot do anything else, go to the ER!
  • If you are vomiting so much that you cannot keep down fluids, go to the ER!
  • Vomiting blood or fluid that looks like dark coffee grounds, go to the ER!
  • You have bloody or black stool go to the ER!
  • Driving and hitting a bump causes your pain to be significantly worse, go to the ER!
  • It's associated with chest pain or difficulty breathing, go to the ER!


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