DULLES, VA – StoneSprings Hospital Center is now performing breast MRIs and MRI-guided breast biopsies.

Used in high-risk cases where mammography is not sensitive enough to detect abnormalities, breast MRI provides computer assisted diagnostic capability, enabling the radiologist to provide the most accurate interpretation possible.

“StoneSprings Hospital Center is proud to offer greater peace of mind for women who are at increased risk for breast cancer,” said Dr. Scott Cassar, Radiologist at StoneSprings Hospital Center. “Breast MRI is a beneficial modality for the detection, staging, and surveillance of breast cancer in these patients.”

“Breast MRI is an important part of the continuing evolution of breast diagnostics and problem solving, which in the past has relied too much on surgical procedures. It brings a broader opportunity for more accurate tissue assessment, as well as another imaging option for targeted minimally invasive tissue biopsy,” said Dr. Virginia Chiantella, Breast Surgeon at StoneSprings Hospital Center and specialist in high-risk breast cancer assessment.

Additionally, MRI-guided breast biopsy – which takes less than an hour – minimizes the need for a larger surgery, a bigger incision and more tissue removal. Recovery time is brief, sutures are not required, and patients can return to normal activities almost immediately. Image-guided biopsies to remove suspicious-looking cells and small lesions can be done with mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs. However, the MRI frequently provides better differentiation between abnormal (diseased) tissue and normal tissue.