StoneSprings Hospital Center
October 05, 2018

StoneSprings Hospital Center is a 124-bed facility providing medical and surgical services to Loudoun County.

Dulles, VA (October 5, 2018) – HCA Virginia Health System’s StoneSprings Hospital Center recently performed its first ever Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), a non-surgical procedure that opens up blood vessels in the heart that have been constricted by plaque buildup and causing chest pain.

Tarek Abou-Ghazala, M.D., chair, Department of Medicine and Cardiology at StoneSprings Hospital Center and interventional cardiologist with Virginia Cardiovascular Group, performed the PCI percutaneously through unbroken skin. During the process, a catheter is inserted through the wrist or groin into an artery and then all the way to the blocked coronary artery. The artery is then opened with a balloon and deployment of a stent which remains in the artery forever. 

“A PCI, also known as an angioplasty, is known to improve blood flow, decrease heart-related chest pain and improve a patient’s quality of life,” said Abou-Ghazala. “Even if a patient is experiencing a heart attack, we can potentially perform a PCI in order to intervene and open up the blocked coronary artery.”

According to Abou-Ghazala, a PCI procedure can take anywhere from one and half to two hours. In certain cases, some patients with low profile risk are able to be discharged within a few hours after the procedure. The cardiology staff are very excited to now offer this service to Loudoun and the surrounding counties. This is an important step also supporting our EMS and first responder teams. 

“I am pleased that the medical staff are able to offer this procedure and are equipped to provide their patients with a continuum of cardiology services,” said Lance Jones, chief executive officer of StoneSprings Hospital Center. “We remain committed to delivering the highest standard of quality care that our patients deserve.”