StoneSprings Hospital Center
November 07, 2018

, StoneSprings Hospital Center is a 234,000 square foot, 124-bed facility providing medical and surgical services to Loudoun County.

Dulles, VA (November 7, 2018) Manish Singh, M.D. recently performed the first bariatric surgery at StoneSprings Hospital.  Bariatric surgery is a set of procedures performed on the stomach and intestines to induce weight loss, and when combined with a comprehensive treatment plan, improve overall health quality. 

 “This was a true team effort between the patient and our team who worked very hard preparing for the procedure,” said Singh.  “I am very pleased to be able to offer this procedure to the community.  It is rewarding knowing you have helped improve the health and longevity of a patient.” 

The various types of Bariatric surgery procedures include laparoscopic/robotic and endoscopic, adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.  These procedures have been shown in long-term medical studies to help patients safely, effectively and permanently lose over 50 percent of their excess weight, improving health, mobility and quality of life. 

“StoneSprings Hospital Center is pleased that we are able to offer Bariatric surgery to our community,” said Lance Jones CEO of StoneSprings Hospital Center. “Our goal is to help our surgeons and their patients transform their lives through surgical weight loss when nonsurgical attempts have been unsuccessful.” 

For more information about bariatric surgery at StoneSprings Hospital Center, visit our bariatric surgery page.