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How People Describe Chest Pain

Should You Go To An ER for Chest Pain?

Injuries That Require ER Attention

The Pain Scale: How to Gauge Pain

Fever + ? = Trip to the ER

How to Break a High Fever Quickly And Safely

Should You Go to an ER for Stomach Pain?

How People Describe Stomach Pain

Stroke Treatment: The Importance of tPA

Act FAST With Signs of a Stroke

Choose Your Own Adventure

The everyday choices we make can really affect our health and well-being. See how your food, exercise and lifestyle choices shape up in this video.

Morning – Sit Down vs. On the Go

How do you like to start your morning? A relaxing breakfast at the kitchen table or do you eat on the go? Learn how your choice can impact your day in this video.

Morning – On the Go – Protein Bar vs. Smoothie

So, your breakfast style is more of a grab-and-go, rather than a sit down meal. But there’s still another decision to be made: Would you rather sip your breakfast or munch on a protein bar? Watch this video to learn more about your choice.

Morning – On the Go – Protein Bar

Think twice before reaching for that store-bought protein bar, which may have as many calories and as much fat as a candy bar. Not all energy bars are bad for you—you just need to know what to look for.

Morning – On the Go – Smoothie

Looking to sip a delicious and nutritious smoothie recipe? Try this protein-packed recipe made with natural ingredients, and less fat, sugar and calories than your average smoothie. In this video, StoneSprings Hospital Center explains why some smoothies are better for you than others.

Morning – Sit Down- Check Email vs. Read a Book

Do you prefer to read a few pages of a book or shuffle through your work email before you begin your day? The choice is yours. See how your choice stacks up.

Morning – Sit Down – Read a Book

Grab a book and start your day on the right page. Reading for 15 minutes or more in the morning is a proven way to reduce stress and more.

Morning – Sit Down – Check Email

There may be benefits to leaving your work at the office. Experts suggest doing things you enjoy in the morning, like spending time with your family or reading the newspaper. It could even set you up for a better day. Learn more.

Afternoon Opening – Sit vs. Move

How do you prefer to spend your free time: Relaxing on the couch or walking through a local park? StoneSprings Hospital Center explains how your afternoon activity can affect the rest of your day.

Afternoon – Move – Walk Inside vs. Walk Outside

You’ve got a few minutes to stretch your legs. Do you hit the treadmill or go for a stroll outside? Your choice may make a bigger difference than you think. Here’s why.

Afternoon – Walk Inside

In just 15 minutes, you might be able to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and more! A quick walk around the office and a chat with a coworker offers many benefits outlined in this video.

Afternoon – Walk Outside

A brief stroll through the park benefits your body in many ways.. Take a break from the office, get some sun and reduce stress with walking! Check out other benefits of walking outside.

Afternoon – Sit – Stretch vs. Surf the Web

So, you’re not much of a mover, but would you prefer to sit and stretch or surf the web? What you do while you’re sitting still says a lot about you. Learn what this midday choice says about your health.

Afternoon – Stretch

Too much sitting can cause aches and pains in your body and increase your stress levels at work. Reduce the effects with some simple stretches that can be done at your desk!

Afternoon – Surf the Web

Take a break from your busy work day and surf the web. Checking personal email and connecting with friends and family on social media can boost your mood during a busy work day. Learn about all the benefits of a quick break from work in this video.

Evening Opening – Indulge vs. Interact

What does your evening routine look like? Do you fill your time with an indulgence or satiate your brain with a game or puzzle? Learn the potential benefits of your choices.

Evening – Indulge – Dark Chocolate vs. Red Wine

Are you more likely to reach for a glass of rich red wine or a square (or two) of bitter dark chocolate? In this video, learn what your choice might mean for your health.

Evening – Indulge – Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate may be the Holy Grail for folks looking to boost their health and mood while satisfying their sweet tooth. Learn about the proven benefits of one ounce of at least 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate.

Evening – Indulge – Red Wine

Red wine engages a multitude of senses—taste, smell and sight—and it’s good for you, too! A glass or two of red wine each day may decrease your risk of heart disease. Learn about the other benefits in this video.

Evening – Interact – Play a Game vs. Watch TV

Would you rather spend your evening watching an episode of your favorite show or trying a new brain-busting game or puzzle? Watch this video to learn more about what your choice might mean.

Evening – Interact – Play a Game

Brain games, puzzles and hobbies may be more beneficial for your health than you think. Evening activities that incorporate thinking, interactions and fun go a long way to reducing stress and improving brain function.

Evening – Interact – Watch TV

Try watching a comedy or a travel show for an hour or two at night and reap the relaxing benefits. Learn more benefits of watching your favorite show in this video.

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